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Stories from Happy Fresh Cab® Customers:

"Eek! Suddenly I had minuscule mouse turds in the cup holder of my SUV. One Fresh Cab in the cargo area and another under the passenger seat cleared up the problem overnight-and my vehicle smelled like a real, live Christmas tree. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll never go without Fresh Cab again."

Jane G., Bismarck, ND 

Mice have been making homes in my 2002 Eclipse GT heater core and on top of the engine (and this is an outside car that doesn't stay parked for long periods of time). I've tried moth balls, dryer sheets, Irish Spring soap, etc. and finally stumbled upon this product (Fresh Cab). So far, it seems that Fresh Cab is doing its job to keep the mice out of my car (I placed four pouches in the engine area, one in the cabin, and one in the trunk). It has a Christmas tree smell and a LOT better than the odor of moth balls. I am hopeful that this product will continue to keep the pesky mice out of my car. I also have put strategically placed pouches of Fresh Cab in my garage to keep my other car safe from the pesky mice. I am currently impressed with Fresh Cab and am optimistic that it will continue to do its job. I currently am on schedule to get 12 pouches every 3 months, since the product loses effectiveness after 90 days.

(Update). 2 and a half years after trying this product, it is still doing the job. Very satisfied.

- Robert W. 


Love this product! Best thing since sliced bread! After eradicating 16 mice in my Lexus, my neighbor brought me a box of Fresh Cab packets. I have not had a mouse in the car since. I now use it in my home, a guest cottage, in the garage, and most recently the Hunting lodges. I am putting packets in my Christmas Decoration bins (had a mouse nest in the artificial tree this year; pe-u-eh) as well as the storage shed, hopefully my decorations will smell wonderful next year. I will be telling my local hardware store to get this product. Thank you for making this!
- Leslie N. 

Am a returning customer, your rodent repellent works swell in collector cars.
- Darrell M. 

When we don't use this product, the mice build nests in our cars (we have no garage or barn) and it costs a lot to fix! We care that it is a non-toxic to wildlife and pets solution. And no toxics during its production that we know of. Thanks, Earthkind.
- Pricilla, California

I have used your "FRESH CAB" product now for more than two years. I have used it during winter storage of my boats, and 1960 Ford Thunderbird antique classic car, and a 1946 Aeronca Champ airplane. In addition, I have used it in my garage year around. I wanted to let you know that this product just plain works. I previously used other products, which were not always reliable. Your "FRESH CAB" product has been 100% effective and easy to use in the applications I have cited above. An additional benefit has been the fresh spring-like smell it imparts to what would otherwise be musty environments. Congratulations and best of success in marketing this unique product. From one entrepreneur to another, I think you have a real winner.
William B. Isaacson, Ph.D., Stanley, North Dakota 

This product is very effective to use in our storage building of classic cars and it's safe around our pets which is very important to us.
- Matthew P.

Used for years in boats, garage, cars, campers. No mice destruction after winter!
- Nancy

I'm glad to have found out about this product (in Hemming's Motor News) to keep my stored classic cars mouse free!!

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