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Does Peppermint Oil Really Get Rid of Mice?

The debate over which method of getting rid of mice works the best has been going on for decades – the most common rodent control methods include traps, poison, and glue boards.

Peppermint oil is a popular DIY way to get rid of mice. Even though this is an environmentally friendly way to deter mice from entering your home, garage, barn, and farm equipment, it is not shown in independent comparisons to be the most effective way to get rid of mice.

Problems using Peppermint Oil

Like any home remedy for getting rid of mice, the instructions for using peppermint oil are vague. There is no formula for figuring out how much peppermint oil to use for a particular area. You don’t know how often the peppermint oil needs to be changed. Sometimes you can create a mess if the peppermint oil spills.

You will also need to keep children and pets away from the peppermint oil to avoid any harmful effects. Although some people have reported that peppermint oil helped get rid of their mice, the results are inconclusive.


Hassle of Peppermint Oil for Mice

When using peppermint oil to get rid of mice, you must pour the pure peppermint extract onto cotton balls and place them around your home. Generally, they will need to be replaced 1-2 times per week as the peppermint smell quickly wears off from the cotton balls.

Aside from requiring a lot of time checking and replacing the cotton balls, there is a risk that mice will use the cotton as nesting material once the scent has worn off.

Discover a Guaranteed Solution for Getting Rid of Rodents

A Better Alternative

Fresh Cab is a better alternative to using Peppermint Oil. Fresh Cab is environmentally friendly and is safe for indoor use when used as directed. It is easy to use and takes the guess work out of how much to use and how often to change it.

With Fresh Cab, you simply set the ready-to-go pouches around the interior of your home and they will last at least 30 days.

Here are the simple and quick use instructions:

For preventative use in non-infested areas, simply place one pouch for every 125 sq. feet, scent lasts up to 90 days. For use in currently infested areas, increase use to one pouch per 8 sq. ft of floor space and replace every 30 days.

Why is Fresh Cab a Smart Choice?

The effectiveness of Fresh Cab has been proven by third-party testing facilities. Fresh Cab has the distinction of being the only bio-based mouse repellent registered by the Federal EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). 

What are the Ingredients in Fresh Cab?

Fresh Cab is made from corn cob chips, plants and herbal extracts. The combination of ingredients makes it perfect for indoor use. You won’t need to worry about children or pets finding the Fresh Cab Mouse Pouch, because it is not harmful. Fresh Cab is a botanical mouse repellent that protects the environment as well as humans and animals.

How does Fresh Cab Work?

Bio-based Fresh Cab prevents mice from entering the protected area in the first place. Any mice already in the area will leave. Once you use Fresh Cab, you will no longer worry about how to get rid of mice or keeping them from entering your home, barn, RV or farm equipment again.

You will not have the mess and odor common to traditional methods of getting rid of mice, and you won’t need to worry about contracting diseases carried by mice.


Fresh Cab is the ONLY botanical rodent repellent effective enough to be registered by the Federal EPA and trusted by licensed pest control experts for BOTH effectiveness and safety.

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