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Stories from Happy Fresh Cab® Customers:

"My order arrived just two or three days after I placed the order. We use the packets to keep mice out of our camper trailer near the Superior National Forest. The work much better than anything else we have tried, and smell oh, so wonderful."

Jane, Minnesota 

Last fall, we had mice trying to take over our Motorhome. We were setting traps every other day, they just kept coming in trying to nest for winter here in Iowa. We had poisons, glue traps, and regular traps all over the RV.
I decided to give Fresh Cab a try and could not believe the results. We cleaned the RV perfectly and saw NO TRACE of a mouse anywhere. This spring we opened it back up and had ZERO mouse turds or nests anywhere. This stuff works great and smells good to us. It smells fresh, like we just spring-cleaned the RV.
Also, our friends place, just down the lane, was nearly destroyed this winter by the mice they had because they didn't want to spend the $13.00 on Fresh Cab. They killed over 30 trying to reclaim there place. We had ZERO. I would highly recommend you try this product.

- Paul


I have used the Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent in my travel trailer and deck boat for the past 3 years. I haven't had any rodent problems during the winter storage. When I open up in the spring there is still a pleasant aroma in the air.
- R. Borgen

We searched for a long time to find a product that would take care of mice. We are here in the northwoods and those little mice love to live in our cabins and in the campers over the winter. We found Fresh Cab in September when we were closing. Nothing has ever worked like this product. We close up our cabins in September and open them again in April. This is the first year that we did not have mice nests and chewing in our cabins. There were a few droppings but the mice stayed out.

We have a camper here who had a mouse problem for the last several years. I told her about this product and she bought it and it worked. They put more in during the winter but were relieved and surprised to find that there were no mice in their camper when they opened up this spring.

I stored my car over winter and no problems with critters in it either. Fresh Cab not only kept the mice out but it also left the cabins smelling fresh and clean when we opened. We are putting the bags back in for summer and also putting them under the sinks in our bathrooms. This product is the best thing ever. We are selling it in our campground store now and I will never be without it. Thank you for creating this product."

Linda, West Bay Camping Resort; WI 

Fresh cab is AMAZING !!!!! Our camper was clear of any mice activity. Thank you

- Lori B. 

Used for years in boats, garage, cars, campers. No mice destruction after winter!

- Nancy

We have used these products for a few years now and really have been pleased with them. We put them in our house, camper, vehicles and farm tractors when fall (and the mice) arrives!
- Donna D.

I have been using Fresh Cab for 3 years, no unwanted critters in any of my vehicles including the camper trailer. Outstanding product!
- Thomas S.

I have had mouse issues in my camper since the day I bought it. I have tried everything under the moon with no success. I saw "Fresh Cab" advertised on a Team Fitzgerald hunting video and decided it couldn't hurt to give it a try. Well it works!! I cant say that mice have not entered my camper, but the ones that have did not stick around long. I highly recommend this product to anyone having problems with mice.
- Scott B.

Love them for my camper and my storage sheds have had no mice. And they have a nice earthy odor to them. I us them all year long.
- Normand B. 

I have ordered from you previously. I love this mice in our camper in the spring!!! Always satisfied with your service and product!! We have used Fresh Cab for many years. We put our camper away with confidence that in the Spring we are not going to deal with mice!!
- Mary C.,  Vermont

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