5 Fun Facts About Mice That You May Not Know, Yet! 5 Fun Facts About Mice That You May Not Know, Yet!

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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Mice

By : Rita Stadler

I know a lot about mice, it’s part of my job, but here is a list of facts that even I was a little surprised by. Take note, these may apply to your ‘bumps in the night’, the holes in your socks, or your missing snacks…

Check out these surprising facts about mice:

1.  Mouse urine has a fluorescent glow that can be seen by using a black light. The next time you are suspicious that one of these pests is invading your home, break out the black light and get to work! Place a Fresh Cab pouch in areas that glow.


2.  The cliche ‘as quiet as a mouse’ is mistaken. Although this is misleading, it should come as no surprise to you that mice are actually very loud critters! This ruckus becomes an issue when they pass the time in your attic or walls, making it nearly impossible to ignore. They use their claws to dig for food, find water, and nesting materials. Not to mention, male mice “sing” when trying to attract a mate!

3.  Mice can jump up to 18 inches in air. This may not seem like a huge distance to you and me, but given the size of a mouse, 18 inches is an impressive leap for their little bodies. Mice are quite the acrobats as well; they are very efficient at swimming and climbing. If you suspect that your house has rodent invaders, keep your perishables sealed and put away.

4.  The name ‘mouse’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘mus’, meaning ‘thief’. Ever wonder why these little pests invade your home and space?  It’s because they steal from you! Mice need food, water, shelter, and warmth just like the rest of us and find you an easy target to get to it. They are like greedy, little trespassers, living off of you without paying their fair share!

5.  Mice can make their own Vitamin C. Are you asking yourself how? So am I! The ability to make Vitamin C comes from their genes; a lot of animals are able to produce this themselves. Humans, however, do not have this ability and must maintain our own Vitamin C intake. Studies have shown that when the genes in mice are switched off, they quickly begin showing signs of heart disease.

Knowing more about mice makes it easier to figure out how to handle them. I am a bit of a romantic at heart and can’t imagine killing a guy who is singing to his sweetheart, but I certainly don’t want to see any thieving acrobats in my home either – that’s why I use Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent – to keep the mice out and my conscience clean!

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