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No Brainer Day, A Holiday for us All!

No Brainer Day
Doing something simple, easy, or obvious is sometimes called a “no brainer;” like when I put the overflowing garbage can right in front of the door – my husband should be able to tell its time to take out the trash!  Did you know there is a whole day dedicated to taking a break from thinking too hard called No Brainer Day?

Sometimes, we make things harder than they have to be, but getting rid of rats and mice shouldn’t be one of them, it’s really a no brainer!  I have complete faith in you and am sure that you’ve already taken these obvious precautions to make sure you’re mouse free, but just in case you have any silly friends or acquaintances who could use a little help, here are our simple steps to freedom from rodents:

    • Keep the trash in the trash.  Every housekeeper and neat freak out there wishes this was a no-brainer for everyone.  Cleaning up after yourself only takes a moment of your time if you do it right away, but the benefits are almost limitless.  You’ll save yourself time in the long run, stress from not having anyone nag at you to pick up, and of course, you’ll be helping keep unwanted pests away.
    • Keep your yard neat and tidy.  Mice are drawn to places with lots of cover so they can easily hide.  Piles of leaves you never got around to bagging, clutter of old car parts or kids’ toys stored in the corner, bricks, tubs, and bags of stuff all make an appealing rodent refuge.
    • Keep your home clean and tidy.  Maintaining a sense of order inside and outside your home will cut down on hiding places for mice.
    • Organize cabinets and pantry.  Store foods in chew proof containers; glass or metal are best.  Simply keeping food on a shelf and off of the floor will not deter mice, who happen to be excellent climbers.
  • Protect your home and property with Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent®!  This is the biggest “no brainer” of all!  It is called “Rodent Repellent” because it repels rodents, duh!  What could be simpler, easier, or more obvious than that?

Enjoy a day that is free from stress and worry.  Give your brain a break!  Do you have any “no brainer” tips to share?

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