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Pest Control That Saves You Money

By: EarthKind

Household pests can cause expensive damage before being discovered. Rodents love chewing on electrical wiring, inadvertently destroying appliances and increasing the risk of house fires. Pantry pests like ants or moths contaminate food, making your grocery bill even bigger. Other household pests can damage your favorite clothes, family heirlooms, or even make you sick.

Most people don’t think about calling the pros until after they’ve seen bugs or a mouse in the house. Professional pest control services cost homeowners hundreds of dollars! The good news is, you can prevent pests for less money than it costs to get rid of an infestation.

Following a three step, integrated pest management plan will prevent problems before they begin and save you money too!


Step 1:  Seal up pest entry points and things that attract pests.

Cracks in a building’s foundation, or openings around windows and doors allow pests to get indoors. Insects, rats and mice will all seek shelter inside when outdoor weather and environmental conditions are unfavorable – like during the cold winter or wet spring. Even if you don’t see where a bug or mouse is getting in, look for clues like damage, droppings and tracks to find entrance points. Block openings with steel wool (one of the few materials rodents can’t chew through) and seal cracks with silicone caulk. This will also save you money on heating and cooling bills!


Step 2:  Clean up clutter and foodstuff that pests love.

Rodents and insects are like any other living creature; they are just trying to meet their most basic needs. Removing access to food, water and shelter will make your home undesirable to pests. The most commonly affected areas of the home are kitchens, bathrooms, basements, attics and garages. These are the areas with the most food and water, or the places that are less frequently used, creating the perfect environment for household pests to thrive. Tidying up will prevent pests and make your life a little easier too!


Step 3:  Pouch up – Protect your home with EarthKind’s pest repellent pouches.

Getting rid of things that attract pests and blocking their way inside is a good start to preventing pests. When making sure you have a pest free home, the final step is to repel rodents and insects so they stay away for good. These creatures depend on their sense of smell for survival; it is how they find food, detect danger and attract a mate. Scent-based repellents, like the unique, pest-specific blends made by EarthKind®, overwhelm their senses. Rats, mice, and bugs will avoid treated areas.

Following these steps will eliminate pests and prevent their return. Visit our Pest Library to find out how to identify, get rid of and prevent a specific pest.


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