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Protect Seasonal Clothes and Equipment from Mice and Rats

When you protect your seasonal possessions from the elements, make sure to protect them from rodent damage, too.


In most of the country, people own clothing and equipment that’s used during some parts of the year and stored during others. In the winter, garden equipment, outside furniture, and boats are in storage. In the spring and summer, parkas and snowmobiles get put away in the garage.
Stored items is the Disney World for pests. Mice and rats delight in destruction. They´re thrilled to give birth to litter after litter of babies in your stored clothes. Wooden furniture is a special treat for them. And they´re delighted to chew the wiring or seats in your stored farm and recreational vehicles. Rats and mice must chew constantly or their teeth grow too big to use. They´ll enthusiastically work their way through plastic, drywall, wood, and wire. Oh, and by the way: the little varmints spread more than 35 known diseases through their urine and droppings.

Desperately needed: rodent control and prevention!

Years ago, Kari Warberg Block had a mouse problem in her stored tractor. Warberg Block, who farmed in North Dakota, couldn’t use moth balls because she has allergies. (Besides, moth balls don’t work particularly well on rats and mice.) Poison was also out of the question. “I didn’t want to endanger my kids and pets, and I didn’t want to have to pick up and dispose of their little dead carcasses,” she says. “I needed to invent a rodent repellent that would keep rats and mice out of my stuff without hurting kids, pets, or the environment.”

After lots of experimentation, Warberg Block discovered that balsam fir oil, which smells great to humans, is offensive to rodents. The scent interferes with their ability to smell anything else, including danger, so they simply go away to find a safer place.

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The benefits of botanical.

Fresh Cab® is safe around children and pets, and the pouches of natural rodent repellent are easy to use. For rodent control, just drop one into a box of stored clothes or the cab of a stored vehicle. Place one under the protecting covering of boats and stored recreational “toys.” And place Fresh cab pouches in garage clutter and corners, near garage doors, in your garden shed, and near vents and in corners of your attic—in any enclosed space where you don’t want those furry little creatures having fun. iStock_000019180428_XXXLarge

The best part of using a natural rodent repellent is that mice and rats simply leave your property in a big hurry and go somewhere else. There are no dead bodies to dispose of, and no chewing damage caused by their slow, agonizing death throes.

Home improvement, farm and home, and hardware stores across the country—including Ace Hardware—sell Fresh Cab botanical rodent repellent.