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Fresh Cab® Rodent Repellent

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Fresh Cab botanical rodent repellent is a fast-acting pest control product made to repel mice and keep them from coming back. The pouches contain a mix of plant fibers and essential oils including balsam fir oil. Place in areas where rodents tend to hide, feed, or seek nesting sites. Fresh Cab is a cruelty-free rodent control option.

  • Use in uninhabited, enclosed spaces such as RV’s, tractors, sheds, attics, and detached storage areas where activity or droppings have been noticed.
  • Made in the USA with farm-grown ingredients.
  • Helps to preserve nature’s ecosystem by providing an alternative to mouse traps and poisons.
  • Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • Safe for children and pets when used as directed.

How to Use Fresh Cab® Repellent Pouches

Simply remove the outer plastic wrapper and place Fresh Cab® in areas you want to keep mice out. These critters have a strong sense of smell, and the pouches produce a scent that’s offensive to rodents, but not to humans. Do not place directly on furniture or finished surfaces as the product may stain.

For current rodent infestations 

Place 1 pouch per 8 sq ft wherever you’ve seen rodent activity. Replace after 30 days or when scent diminishes.

For rodent prevention

Place 1 pouch per 125 sq ft. Replace every 60 days or when scent diminishes.
Increase the number of rodent deterrent pouches as needed to increase efficacy. Cool temperatures and minimal air exchange will extend the product’s life. Product will not lose effectiveness at freezing temperatures.

Fast-acting, plant-powered ingredients

EarthKind’s botanical rodent repellent is made with balsam fir oil (a botanical pesticide), fragrance oil, and plant fibers.

Get More From 1 Pouch

Make this product last up to 3 times longer by placing Fresh Cab® in an EarthKind® Pouch Pod.The bio-based protective pod is stylish, discreet, and protects your pouches from curious pets and kids.

Where to Use

To prevent and remove rodents from uninhabited enclosed areas, place Fresh Cab® pouches in places such as:

  • Sheds and detached storage areas.
  • Campers and RV’s.
  • Transformers, electrical panels, and meters.
  • Stored vehicles.
  • Farm equipment and vehicles.
  • Warehouses and pallet racking.
  • Offices.
  • Basements and attics.
  • Pool pumps and covers.

For best results, use Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent along with our tips for preventing mice in your home.


To dispose of your Fresh Cab® pouches,follow these steps:

  • Remove the staples from the cardboard product label.
  • Place the cardboard product label in your recycling.
  • Empty the contents of the pouch into your household compost.  
  • Place emptied pouch material into household refuse.

Fresh Cab® is bio-pesticide rodent repellent registered by the EPA for use indoors and in enclosed areas.
EPA Registration No. 82016-1


What is Fresh Cab® Rodent Repellent Made Of?

EarthKind’s Fresh Cab pouches are made in the USA with plant-based ingredients including balsam fir oil, fragrance oil, and plant fibers. The essential oils work together to create a scent that will overwhelm a rodent's nose and cause them to leave the area.

How Long Do Fresh Cab Pouches Last?

Fresh Cab pouches can last up to 90 days, but the length of time they last depends on the environment they are used in as well as the reason they are being used. In an area with a lot of airflow or cooler temperatures, the scent may diminish sooner. The scent will last longer in a space that’s totally enclosed such as a pantry. If you’re dealing with a current infestation, you’ll want to replace the pouches in 30 days to keep the scent in the area strong. If you’re using the pouches for prevention, they will not need to be replaced as quickly. The rule of thumb is to replace the pouch when the scent diminishes.

Where Can I Purchase Fresh Cab?

You can purchase Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent online here or in-store. EarthKind products are found in many retail stores across the US.