Discover the Best Natural Mouse Repellent Methods and Save Money

Once upon a time, the best form of mouse repellent was a cat that was good at catching mice! Now, there are humane traps and plenty of different types of rodent repellent materials to invest in. They’ll keep the mice from coming in at all (and will allow your cat to rest every once in a while).

Some pest repellent materials are chemical based. Others are natural based. Obviously a natural mouse and pest repellent is the best option because it doesn't pose the high risk to your family and home that a chemical or poison-based rodent repellent will.

There are a lot of different natural mouse repellent methods on the market. A quick Google search will turn up scores of different products that you can use to encourage mice to stay the heck out of your home. Of course, sorting through all of these natural products can feel like a chore.

Here are the best natural pest repellent methods that we have found:

Using Natural Oils to Repel Mice

Peppermint oil is said to work well at repelling mice. Some say mice can't stand the smell of the stuff and by placing a few cotton balls soaked in the peppermint extract / oil in problem areas it can keep them out of your home.

The problem with this method is that the cotton balls need to be replaced frequently because they dry out and the smell quickly fades. If you are not careful, your peppermint mouse repellent could end up being used for a mouse nest instead!

Fabric Softener to Deter Mice

Some home owners find that by placing the "stinkiest" dryer sheets they can find in the places that they've seen mice before, they discourage the mice from coming back.

The problem is that, like the natural oils, these sheets eventually lose their scents and can be used by the mice as nesting material. Worse, these sheets can easily be avoided or moved altogether (they aren't exactly made from heavy material).

Plant Based Mouse Repellents

There are a lot of environmentally friendly mouse repellent products on the market. Sure – using oils and fabric softener sounds cheap, but the price of replacing them can quickly add up. Why not just buy one of the products that were created with the idea of repelling mice in mind?

Fresh Cab lasts longer than other household-based products you might be thinking of trying. It's biodegradable and it is safe to use around kids and pets.

Technology and science have come a long way in recent years and experts are now able to put together rodent repellent products that are made from natural materials that don't pose a threat. Why not take advantage of them?

While Fresh Cab is certainly one of your best bets as far as mouse repellent is concerned, ultimately you will probably have to try a few methods before you settle on the right method for you and your family. Good luck!