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earthkind® employees reflect at the end of the year.


Kari Warberg Block: Farmer in Charge at earthkind®

It’s the end of another banner year at earthkind. I have to say right off that I love my job as CEO of this company!  I wake up every day to the great pleasure of serving the rodent challenged population with the safest, most effective ‘green’ rodent repellent in the world. It’s fun to be the first, and the best, and to see the rodent category change before our eyes as a result of our innovation – Fresh Cab.

At earthkind, we do business the old fashioned way. We earn it customer by customer. No gimmicks, snake oil, or false claims. Just results, without the poison. Our customers are happy with Fresh Cab because it performs better than they expect, and it offers more value for the cost. So they tell others, and we keep growing. We don’t outsource our production overseas like many companies, instead we manufacture in small batches in-house to strictly control quality. Consistently delivering 100% customer satisfaction is worth the effort. The circle of life continues with new innovations around the bend, and an internal energy that’s bubbling up all over the place for 2012.

Since you usually hear my words as the leader of this company, I thought it was high time to give each of my co-workers a voice on our blog. There were no rules given, other than to share what they wanted, or share something that you, our readers,might not know about us: