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Mice infestations are a stressful challenge many people face. In fact, nearly 40% of Americans say they saw a rodent in their home within the past year.  

If your property has been taken over by mice, these three tips can help get rid of the infestation: 


1. Seal up all the entry ways 

Common entrance ways for mice include: 

  • Gaps in window or door ledges and frames
  • Holes underneath doors
  • Gaps around the openings for electrical wires, pipes, cables, and gas lines
  • Openings in the foundation of your home
  • Cracks and loose sealing where the walls meet the floors
  • Gaps in the foundation of your home

Fill any openings the size of a quarter or larger with steel wool–mice can’t chew through it and this material actually irritates their teeth. Reinforce this by sealing the area around the opening with caulking. For large openings: the CDC recommends using cement, lath metal, hardware cloth, or sheet metal to keep mice out. 

Tip: It’s also a good idea to put screens on all of your windows and doors. 


2. Take away their food sources

Unfortunately, sealing up mice pathways isn’t guaranteed to send these critters packing. They may have made a home somewhere inconspicuous that can’t be reached—or they could simply be looking for a new way to get in and out. The point is that mice are smart, and they are sneaky. Don’t encourage them by offering up snacks. Where there is food, there are mice. 

Prevent them from finding food by:

– Using animal-proof garbage bins

– Storing your garbage and compost far from your home—if possible 

– Eliminate water sources like leaky faucets and pipes

Tip: Keep all of your stored food items in glass and metal air-tight containers. While it’s unsettling to think about rodents coming into your kitchen or pantryit’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Taking away food and water sources is a great place to start, but the problem is mice are hoarders and can live off of their food supply for quite some time—if their usual options are gone. Ensure mice leave and never come back by using a fast-acting, plant-based mouse repellent. 


3. Use a botanical mice repellent

Quickly and naturally get rid of mice by using Stay Away® Rodent pouches. Poisons and traps can cause harm to little ones and pets—not to mention they’re messy. Replace traps and rodent poisons with Stay Away® Rodent: the scents of balsam fir repels mice quickly and keeps them away for 30 days.

This mouse repellent is made from fast-acting, plant-based ingredients you can trust. Simply place one pouch per 125 sq ft. in areas you want to keep rodent-free, and rest easy while you enjoy 30 days of protection. Get rid of mice now, and prevent them from coming back. 

Tip: Give your home continuous protection from rodents by using Stay Away® Rodent in basements, pantries, closets, attics, crawl spaces, and any other place you want to prevent them from entering. 

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