Stay Away® Pouch Pod for EarthKind® Pest Control Bags
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Stay Away® Pouch Pod

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Extend the life up to 3x of your Stay Away® pouches

Placing pouches inside a Stay Away® Pouch PodTM allows for a slow, consistent release of the pouch’s oils. 

Made from Sustainable, Plant-Based Materials

Flax grown on American family farms. 

Reusable for up to 3 Years

After this time, decomposition naturally begins.


How to use

  • Squeeze the sides of the Pouch PodTM to remove the base.
  • Remove the plastic outer wrap from the Stay Away® pouch, and place the pouch inside the pod.
  • Reattach the base, and place the Pouch PodTM on a flat surface, or hang inside a closet.