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Stay Away® Spiders

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  • Guaranteed effective or your money back.
  • Safe for children and pets when used as directed.
Extend the life of this product with a Stay Away® Pouch Pod

How to use

Simply remove the outer plastic wrapper and place the Stay Away® pouch in areas you want to keep free of spiders. Do not place directly on furniture or finished surfaces as product may stain.

For spider infestations 

Place 1 pouch per 25 sq ft in areas where spiders or webs are present. Replace after 30 days or when scent diminishes. 

For spider prevention 

Place 1 pouch per 125 sq. ft. in areas you want to keep spider-free. Replace every 30 days or when scent diminishes.

Fast-acting, plant-powered ingredients 

Rosemary oil, lemongrass oil, citronella oil, corn cob, almond oil, & sunflower oil.

Get More From 1 Pouch

Make this product last 3 times longer by placing Stay Away® Spiders in a Stay Away® Pouch PodTM. The bio-based protective pod is stylish, discreet, and protects your Stay Away® pouches from curious pets and kids.

Where to Use

To prevent and remove spiders from your home, place Stay Away® Spiders pouches anywhere spiderwebs or spiders are noticed:


How to dispose of your Stay Away® pouches

  • Remove the staples from the cardboard product label.
  • Empty the contents of the pouch into your household compost. 
  • Place the cardboard product label in your recycling.