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EarthKind® Stay Away® Spiders

Botanical spider repellent made with oils of citronella, lemongrass and rosemary. Guaranteed to keep spiders out!

EarthKind is guided by a simple idea: “preserve the good, prevent the rest.” We believe business has a larger role to play than delivering products or profits. Companies should take the lead to protect the health of humans, animals and the environment to create opportunities where they don’t exist today. Thank you for seeking out our products that preserve nature’s delicate ecosystem.

Stay Away® Spiders

  • Made with essential oils of rosemary, lemongrass, and citronella.
  • No harmful chemicals, non-toxic, safe for children and pets, when used as directed.
  • Takes the stress and mess out of pest control.
  • Effective for 30+ days.
  • Guaranteed.
How many do I need?
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Protect Your Home From Spiders

Spiders search out ideal living areas, free of scent and vibrations to form webs, nest, and detect prey. EarthKind Stay Away® Spiders pouches disrupt a spider’s sophisticated senses, keeping them out of treated areas with a scent pleasant to people but offensive to spiders.

Why it Works

Spider legs contain the organs for hearing, touch, and smell. All of these senses are highly developed and very sensitive. Our proven blend of citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary interferes with spiders’ ability to sense their prey, as well as helps to repel various types of prey from the treated area, (citronella & lemongrass commonly repels flies and small winged insects) causing spiders to stay away.

How to use

Following these tips will enable you to prevent pest problems before they begin and get rid of spiders while knowing that you are not endangering your family or the environment.

Clean up

Clear away clutter spiders may use to hide behind or beneath. Dust regularly and remove any cobwebs. Clean up sources of food and moisture that could attract insects spiders feed upon.

Pouch up

Use Stay Away® Spiders pouches wherever spider activity has been seen. One pouch should suffice in small areas such as closets or crawlspaces; more may be necessary in larger areas or in places with high rates of air exchange. Replace pouches every 30 days or when the scent is no longer noticeable.

Seal up

Use caulk to seal around door and window frames, as well as plumbing and electrical outlets. Make sure window screens are free from holes.

Where to use

Anywhere webs or spiders are noticed: basements, dormers, closets, attics, crawl spaces, or places you would like to prevent them from entering.

How to use EarthKind Stay Away® Spiders Pest Repellent

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What is EarthKind Stay Away®?

EarthKind Stay Away® is a product created by a sustainably-minded team:

  • Grown on family farms and made of essential oils and plant fiber ingredients.
  • Designed by inventive artists, scientists, and engineers who care about the earth.
  • Made (by us) in the USA, providing handicapped individuals with meaningful employment.

How does it work?

It Prevents:

  • EarthKind Stay Away®‘s patented pouch design delivers a long-lasting, slow release of proven essential oils, quickly repelling pests from treated areas, and reliably preventing re-infestation for up to three months.
  • Simply place EarthKind Stay Away® pouches in any indoor/enclosed areas for household pest infestations.

Why Choose EarthKind Stay Away®?

It Preserves:

  • EarthKind Stay Away® preserves health and happiness by guaranteeing safety for humans, pets, and the earth.
  • 5 Star Overall Customer Satisfaction Rating.
  • People’s Choice Award Winner.