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Blogger Review: Mommy Katie Tries Stay Away® Spiders

Katie Sexton is the wife of a former Marine and mother of three. She lives in Washington state and shares tips, tricks, and products on her blog to help you have a happy, healthy home.

See what she had to say in her recent review of Stay Away® Spiders:

“Like many, when it comes to my home, I like to think that there are not any pests or bugs lurking around. I mean, this is a nice idea, but the truth of the matter is, I know that there are bugs and pests that can be found in just about any home, including my own. And like many, when I see a spider in a corner or running across a floor, I scream and find my skin crawling for days. The thing is, with having kids and pets in the home, I do not want to use products to get rid of those spiders I see and the ones I can not see, that can be toxic and harmful to my family.”

Read the full story here:  Stay Away Spiders: the Safe & Effective Spider Repellents from EarthKind

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