EarthKind® Partners with The Max Cure Foundation

This September, we have partnered with The Max Cure Foundation to offer 20% off of our EarthKind® Stay Away® Starter Pack during Childhood Cancer Prevention Month while donating a portion of our sales to the foundation.


EarthKind® is kicking off September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by asking consumers to support the efforts of The Max Cure Foundation. By partnering with multiple stakeholders, including other CAC2 members, they are bringing attention to the increase in childhood cancer diagnoses. Rates have risen 34% in the United States since 1975, highlighting the need for effective prevention measures.

EarthKind®, an award-winning, plant-based pest prevention brand, manufactures products that effectively keep pests away without killing or poisoning them. Kari Warberg Block, CEO/Founder of EarthKind, announces that, “This September, we have partnered with The Max Cure Foundation to offer 20% off of our EarthKind® Stay Away® Starter Pack during Childhood Cancer Prevention Month while donating a portion of our sales to the foundation. The Max Cure Foundation’s mission is to fund research for the development of pediatric cancer drug therapies including the discovery of less toxic treatments for children with cancer. We at EarthKind wholeheartedly believe in this mission and want to do our part to support non-toxic living and reduce the prevalence of childhood — and all — cancers.”

The EarthKind® approach is entirely different from most pest control brands on the market. With a mission to preserve nature’s delicate ecosystem by creating a world of protection from toxic chemicals, pesticides, and pests for families, farmers, homes and our environment, EarthKind works with nature, not against it, by delivering naturally smarter pest control solutions without the use of hazardous chemicals or poisons. EarthKind’s products are made with plant fibers and essential oils grown on local American family farms.

“Over the past decade, our effective repellents have helped reduce the need for poison/kill pest control methods in the home from 98% to 90%, thereby protecting children and pets from harmful chemical exposure,” remarks Warberg Block.

“Our company is guided by a simple idea: ‘preserve the good, prevent the rest,’ as a conscious company, we believe business has a larger role to play than delivering products or profits,” she remarks, “Brands have to take the lead to make products that do no harm, particularly to our most vulnerable – babies and children. We are proud to support The Max Cure Foundation in their new initiative.”

Use promo code CCSupport20 at checkout on the EarthKind® website to support the cause and receive 20% off your purchase of the EarthKind® Stay Away® Starter Pack. The Stay Away Starter Pack includes one Stay Away® Ants, one Stay Away® Rodent, one Stay Away® Moths, one Stay Away® Spiders, and one bio-based Stay Away® Pouch Pod.

For media inquiries please contact Sara White at [email protected] or 914.621.1323.

About EarthKind®
Founded by leading pest prevention expert Kari Warberg Block, EarthKind® is a pioneer in natural prevention for families and households everywhere. EarthKind® is a pest prevention brand that manufactures naturally powerful and effective pest solutions that keep pests away, without killing or poisoning them. All EarthKind® products are designed by inventive artists, scientists and engineers who care about the earth, made in the USA with 80% of the materials sourced from American farms and the company provides handicapped individuals with meaningful employment. Kari was awarded the 2019 GMDC Retail Champions of Change award for her role as an inspirational industry retail leader, and was named to the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Woman Class of 2012, 2013 ND SBA Small Business Person of the Year and National Second Runner Up. Her latest product line, Stay Away® was the winner of the 2015 NEXTY People’s Choice Award for Best New Product of the Year. Learn more at and on social media:
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