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We are thrilled to take our relationship with Walmart to the next level and share our passion for creating purpose-driven change through sustainable business in every way.


EarthKind®, makers of the naturally smarter no-kill pest deterrent line Stay Away®, will begin distributing its pest prevention solutions to 1,800+ Walmart stores across the country later this month. Expanding to an in-store setting is a natural next step for the purpose-driven company which is currently available on the retailer’s digital platform.

With this new retail partnership, EarthKind® will be able to significantly increase their positive impact on the environment and reduce the strain on consumers’ pockets… all while sourcing from nature.

Pest control can be a costly business, costly for the consumer, and costly on the planet, which is why EarthKind® has always looked at pest control through a different lens. “We have reimagined it through our mission to preserve the delicate balance of our ecosystems, including our home’s ecosystem, said Kari Warberg Block, Founder, and CEO, of EarthKind®. “Our botanical-based products work very differently than dangerous poisons, messy sprays, or inhumane traps. Instead of luring pests in and poisoning them, or trapping them in glue, our plant-based scent pouches offer a pleasant and humane way to drive pests out –and keep them out- using a scientifically proven blend of essential oils and plant fibers that work with your home’s ecosystem to safely send these critters back outside to nature’s ecosystem. Placing the pouches into hidden nesting areas like garages, closets, attics, or under appliances is 90% of the battle in pest control. Once you’ve done that, your home is no longer an ideal place for pests to live and reproduce.”

Over the past decade, the nation’s leading plant-based pest prevention company has helped reduce the need for poison/kill pest control methods in the home from 98% to 89% and has sold millions of pest prevention pouches to help make every home a pest-free zone. Made in the USA with farm-grown ingredients that are recognizable, like balsam fir oil, lemongrass, peppermint, thyme, rosemary, citronella, cedar, geranium, and geraniol, EarthKind® continues to rack up thousands of 5-Star reviews simply because their products work, and customers can place it and forget it.

The announcement comes at a time when EarthKind® and Walmart’s goals are aligned in their purpose to place nature and people at the core of their business. “Walmart has redefined its business purpose in recent years and have adopted regenerative practices,” commented Kari Warberg Block, “We are thrilled to take our relationship with them to the next level and share our passion for creating purpose-driven change through sustainable business in every way.”

This partnership with Walmart will allow EarthKind® to expand its commitment to building a global community that desires to live in harmony with nature, and one another, allowing consumers to choose a naturally smarter approach to deterring unwanted critters that may come into any home or business.”

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About EarthKind®:
EarthKind® is the leading pest prevention brand with a mission to reduce toxic pesticide use in homes and businesses by offing a Naturally Smarter® way to keep pests out without having to kill or poison them. EarthKind’s® 100% guaranteed, top-rated, solutions are produced using ingredients primarily grown on US farms, made by differently abled citizens who care and are formulated to protect your stored valuables without harm to nature’s delicate ecosystems, or your family’s health. EarthKind® is a woman-owned, Carbon Neutral company, and proud member of 1% for the planet.

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About Walmart:
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