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Stay Away® Review: Momma’s Magical Miles Gets Rid of Pests

One in three homes will face a pest infestation. Pest control has typically relied upon cruel and unsightly snap traps or glue boards to get rid of mice and other household pests. Pesticides and harmful chemicals are also commonly used for pest control. Many people are uncomfortable using those types of products in their homes.

Amy, a mother, wife and the blogger behind Momma’s Magical Miles can relate. Listen to what she has to say after trying to get rid of ants in the kitchen:

“My husband has put out bait traps and sprayed our counter tops.  I don’t love either of those things where food is being processed.  Did you know that the CDC reports that Americans now have an average of 43 different pesticides in their bloodstream?!  That’s crazy and the side effects can be serious.”

Read how Stay Away worked for her:  EarthKind Stay Away Pest Repellent

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