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Kari Warberg Block

CEO & Founder of EarthKind

Kari Warberg Block, an unlikely disruptor, challenged an industry that by its very nature is toxic. As the Founder & CEO of EarthKind®, Kari discovered that 98% of pest control solutions sold were poison & kill methods – so she set out to invent a better solution: plant-based pest control powered by nature. Kari was the first to develop, manufacture, and commercialize poison-free rodent and insect repellents for farm and home use, with a mission to build a purpose led company to create change through business. Her efforts have helped decrease consumer reliance on poison & kill based methods from 98% to 88% nationwide. Once a mom on food stamps, Kari started EarthKind® with nothing more than a package of garden seeds and a vision, and has built it into the $20 million company it is today.

With her first book, Gathering Around the Table: A Story of Purpose-Driven Change through Business, set for March 2021, Kari has achieved a lot, including nationwide product distribution, carbon neutrality, ingredient and supply-chain transparency, the invention of the first CPG bioplastic, and has helped lower consumer reliance on toxic pest-control methods by 10%. Selected as an Ernst & Young “Entrepreneurial Winning Women,” Kari has advised the SBA, Congress and the White House on policy that impacts women in business, receiving the 2019 GMDC Retail Champions of Change award for her role as an inspirational industry leader. She has been featured in CNBC, the New York Times, Huffington Post and Forbes.

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