Get Rid of Mice Without Harmful Chemicals

Fresh Cab® is the original rodent repellent. Invented on a North Dakota farm, it has been preventing mice in tractor cabs and farm equipment since 1995.

The benefit a botanical pest repellent provided to people who were looking for alternatives to conventional poisons and pesticides was clear. Kari Warberg Block was motivated to innovate new solutions for other common pests. She created Stay Away®, a line of natural pest repellents for household pests. Stay Away offers plant based repellents for ants, beetles, mice, moths, and spiders.

While each product is uniquely formulated to work on a specific pest, they all use the same principle. Many of these creatures and insects depend on their sense of smell. Olfactory receptors help rodents and insects navigate, find food, detect danger and find mates. Using a specially formulated blend of essential oils overwhelms their sensitive scent receptors, causing pests to avoid the area.

Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent vs. Stay Away® Mice

Fresh Cab and Stay Away Mice are both effective for repelling mice, but they are not identical.




Fresh Cab is tailored to farm settings where rodents are tempted by livestock feed, cluttered areas that offer shelter and hiding spots, as well as vehicles and equipment that are stored for many months at a time. The active ingredient in Fresh Cab is balsam fir oil, which smells like Christmas trees. While some people really enjoy the scent, others may find it a bit strong.

Stay Away Mice is intended for use inside the home and other spaces where people live, work and play. Areas that are frequented by people are slightly less hospitable to mice who prefer to avoid human contact. Homes are generally kept cleaner with less available food, hiding spaces and fewer possible entry points than farm buildings. The active ingredients in Stay Away Mice are cedarwood oil, rosemary oil and mint oil. Although there are other products containing similar ingredients on the market, the combination and concentration of Stay Away Mice make it more effective than competitors.

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