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Home Business Magazine Features EarthKind CEO Kari Warberg Block

Entrepreneurs and business owners face a constant struggle. Standing out in an ever-changing world isn’t easy, but there are some who stand out among the crowd. Home Business Magazine features inspiring leaders like EarthKind founder and CEO, Kari Warberg Block.

Recently, Home Business Magazine talked to Block about her company and how she’s using business as a way to change the world.

“Through her commitment to kindness and devotion to her purpose, Kari started her business from nothing and grew it into a 10 million-dollar company. Today as a passionate entrepreneur and environmentalist, Kari has sold over 50 million in EarthKind® products through local and national retailers, including ACE, Lowe’s and Target. The company is on track to hit $16 million in revenue this year, surpassing it’s original forecast.”

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