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Stay Away Mosquitoes Review: Redhead Baby Mama Gets Rid of Mosquitoes

Protecting little ones from itchy bug bites is no easy task. Finding the best bug spray that doesn’t smell bad, feel gross, or need constant reapplication is challenging to say the least. Making sure mosquitoes don’t make a meal out of you and your family is more important than ever before because the diseases spread by mosquitoes are becoming more widespread.

Lindsey, the mom behind Redhead Baby Mama, knows this struggle all to well. She was kind enough to review EarthKind’s newest product, Stay Away Mosquitoes.

“I was floored with my results. I never had to reapply the spray (it recommends once every 8 hours, and it means it… lasting power!!). I had ZERO bugs on me all night long, ZERO spray smell, ZERO oiliness, and did I mention NOT ONE MOSQUITO BITE?”

Read the full review here:  They Built a Better Bug Spray: Stay Away Mosquitoes

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