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Why Bigger Mosquitoes are Showing Up After Hurricanes

Natural disasters like hurricanes leave expensive damage and devastation in their path. While the property damage caused by storms is usually apparent, other effects are harder to anticipate. Hurricanes may not last long, but the flooding they leave behind can last a lot longer. The standing water that remains after a storm can harbor health risks and create a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The need for an effective pest prevention plan is imperative following a storm. The Richest describes the problem as such:

“Many realize that storm surges are dangerous for those living near the beach.   Flooding, even much further inland, can also be devastating. However, there is another major risk that is less known. It is an attack of monster mosquitos after a hurricane passes. Monster mosquitos are dozens of times larger than regular house mosquitos.”

Read the full story here:  Newest Hurricane Risk – Monster Mosquitos

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