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Blogger Review:  Missy’s Product Reviews Tries Stay Away® Spiders

Melissa Botelho, the woman behind Missy’s Product Reviews, is a full-time blogger specializing in product reviews and giveaways. As an experienced blogger who’s reviewed countless items, she knows how to evaluate the best products for your home.

Find out what she had to say about EarthKind’s all-natural repellent, Stay Away® Spiders:

“My Opinion:  I hate spiders and I never knew that if you had a lot of scents around, they would stay away. So I am going to try this, as where I live, I seem to have spiders come in frequently and knowing that I can prevent them is a plus. I like how Earth-friendly this stuff is and I found that it worked well to keep spiders away from where I want to keep them from.”

Read the full review here:  EarthKind Stay Away Spiders

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