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Mice Control With Methods Safe for Humans, Pets and the Environment

If you have a mouse problem, you already know that finding a way to get rid of the mice can be tricky. You want to gain control over the mice quickly, but sometimes the quickest methods aren’t environmentally friendly or the safest for you, your family, and animals.

The Problem with Mouse Traps

Most people think of mouse traps as the best way to control a mouse problem. Mouse traps have been used for many years and can be an effective way to get rid of mice, but there is a downside – you need to dispose of the trapped dead mouse.

You will be exposed to the germs and parasites the mouse is carrying, even if you take precautions. If the trap is located in a hard to get to area, you might not realize a mouse has been caught and it can produce a horrible smell that is difficult to get rid of. Mouse traps will injure children, pets, and other animals that happen to touch them.

Poison and Glue Boards

Rodent poison is harmful to the environment as well as humans and animals. If a mouse ingests the poison and then retreats inside a wall or confined space, it’s quite possible that you will not be able to remove the dead mouse without ruining walls or other structures. You might not know there is a dead rodent in your home, barn, or other area until you smell the foul odor.

Glue boards capture mice without harming them, but then you are left with the task of killing them. These methods require you to handle the mice, exposing you to the bacteria, germs, and parasites that mice carry.

Peppermint Oil and Moth Balls

Peppermint oil and moth balls are alternative options for ridding an area of mice, but these methods have not been proven to be effective. Even though peppermint oil and moth balls are kinder to the environment, there is still a risk that children or animals will ingest them.

A Better Way to Control Mice

Fresh Cab® Botanical Rodent Repellent is a safe and effective way to get rid of mice. This “green technology” product is made from botanical ingredients:  corn cob chips, plants, and herbal extracts. It is 99% biodegradable.

Humans find Fresh Cab’s scent to be pleasant, but mice and other rodents are repulsed by the smell. They instinctively leave the area and will not return. You won’t have to deal with messy and dirty traps or dangerous poisons.

Fresh Cab® is a Trusted Product

Fresh Cab is registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and is licensed for indoor/enclosed areas use in all 50 states. The USDA awarded Fresh Cab the Green Seal of Approval.

EarthKind®, the manufacturer of Fresh Cab, contracted with third-party facilities to test their product. All results show that Fresh Cab is an effective mouse control product. Ninety percent of first-time Fresh Cab users return to buy more because they are so pleased with the results.

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