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Is Mouse Poison the Best Way to Get Rid of Rodents?

Mouse poison is often the first method people use when they are trying to get rid of mice or other rodents. Although this may be an effective way to remove rodents from your home, barn, recreational vehicle, or other infested areas, it is usually not the best method.

Problems with Mouse Poison

The most obvious problem with mouse poison is that it is harmful to humans and animals. If you have children, household pets, farm animals, or nearby wildlife, you will need to be especially careful when using mouse poison. Even responsible adults can accidentally come in contact with mouse poison.

Mouse poison does not actually get rid of mice or other rodents. While it kills them, you will still have to dispose of the remains. If a rodent makes its home in a wall or other hard to get to area, there is a good chance it will die there. This can result in a horrible smell that is difficult to remove –and costly if you need to tear apart a wall it.

Rodents carry a number of diseases, and you are at risk of contracting these diseases when you dispose of dead rodents. Taking extra precautions when you remove the rodent bodies will reduce the risk, but you may still be exposed to diseases and parasites.

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Rodent Control Methods Compared

Is There a Better Way to Get Rid of Mice?

Fresh Cab® is a bio-based rodent repellent that gets rid of mice and other rodents without killing them. They simply leave the area and find other places to stay. You will not have to deal with dead rodents or worry about your children or pets. Fresh Cab has a pleasant odor and is not harmful to humans or animals.

How Does Fresh Cab Work?

Fresh Cab is made from botanical ingredients. Each Fresh Cab pouch contains corn cob chips, plants, and herbal extracts. They have a natural, outdoorsy smell that humans find appealing, but rodents are repelled by. Rodents living in the area will leave, and others will not enter the area. Fresh Cab keeps rodents out of the area and gets rid of rodents that don’t want to leave.

How do I Know Fresh Cab Works?

Earthkind®, the manufacturer of Fresh Cab, has sent Fresh Cab to independent testing sites for unbiased testing. These third-party studies have proven that Fresh Cab works. Fresh Cab is currently the only rodent repellent approved for indoor use, and it is registered with the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Ninety percent of Fresh Cab customers become repeat buyers. Since some Fresh Cab customers have minor rodent problems and only need to buy Fresh Cab once, we can safely say that close to 100% of Fresh Cab customers are satisfied with the effectiveness of the product.

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