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Kittie’s Little Treat

Deborah Dennert, writer of Mom, are we there yet?

It was about midnight and my cats were spazzing (I have three). They do that once in a while and the older one, Jett, doesn’t like the younger two, Pumpkin & Cheetah (sisters).  So they fight too.  But this time I was hearing squeaking. I thought it was a cat toy and didn’t think anything of it.

I was just annoyed at the noise and didn’t want the kids woken up.  Well, too late for that.  My daughter screams, “MOM!!!”  I run down the hall in time to see the three cats are fighting over a rodent.  I think it was a small rat from the wash, but not sure (I’m not the rodent expert to identify them).  Well, all three cats have it cornered behind the bathroom trash can, under the tiny gap below the toilet bowl cleaner’s stand.  I lift it up and ZOOOM off the thing goes INTO MY SON’S ROOM.  The rodent goes under a shoe and tries to burrow itself and I grab it by the tail with a hand towel.  I drop it and grab it again.

I’m terrified of being bite and a little freaked out. I take it to the hallway and my daughter is standing there, scared. I tell her to quickly grab the camera. I pose. She takes the picture and I take the rodent outside, down the driveway and to the street and throw it, by the tail, flinging it as far away from my house as possible, and I run back inside and wash my hands. The picture was blurry but I wasn’t going to ask for a do-over.

Now I know to keep the back screen door shut. I’m sure Pumpkin was the one that brought in the ‘treasure’ as a gift. My son slept through the whole thing.

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