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Mice in My Chicken Coop!

How do you get mice to fly the coop?  Hmm, this may seem like a weird question to some of you. I know it was for me, but it happens to be a common one asked amongst chicken owners.

How do you know if you have rodents visiting your chicken coop and why?  Mice love anything that is appealing to them.  They live for the same things we do, warmth, shelter, and food.  A chicken coop is a prime location for all of these things.  What more could they ask for?  After all you made it acceptable for your chickens, right?

It will be pretty evident if you have a mouse in the chicken coop.  Your chickens will avoid the coop and act scared.  You may notice mouse droppings in the feed or in places that chickens can’t or don’t poop.

How can you stop mice from coming in?  No matter how long you have had mice or rats living with your chickens they probably wore out their welcome the day they came.  So, how do you keep them out, you ask?  The best way I know is by following a few important steps in conjunction with using Fresh Cab botanical rodent repellent.


What to do about mice in chicken coops

Make sure that any holes that mice will gain access through are sealed. (Keep in mind that they can fit through a hole the size of a pencil eraser).  Since we are talking about a chicken coop it is hard to remove the things that mice are attracted to.  But, there are ways to limit their access to the chicken food.  Make sure that you keep all feed that has not yet been fed to the chickens in airtight containers.  It will be difficult to keep rodents out of the feed in the coop, so some owners do take the food away at night, beings chickens do not eat at night.

Through some research that I’ve done, I found an awesome homemade feeder that mice can’t access.  It takes awhile for the chickens to catch on to the fact that they have to step on a trigger to open the feeder. Check out this link from Grit Online.

Keep the coop cleaned regularly, as hard as it may be.  Lay new bedding down as often as you can, and clean out the mess that the chickens have made.

Finally, hang a couple pouches of Fresh Cab throughout the coop.  Keep them out of reach of the chickens.  A few good places are the ones that mice frequent.  Place a pouch above or outside of the holes that they may be using to enter.  Also, place a pouch above the feeders where they probably visit several times a day.  (Look for trails of feces along ledges.)

Why Fresh Cab?  Fresh Cab is so much easier than the several other methods that chicken owners have tried.  A cat, a mouse trap, poison, a zapper????  Anybody who takes care of a chicken coop knows that these are ridiculous ideas to test out, but worth a shot when you are desperate.

Fresh Cab is the only EPA certified rodent repellent and is the safest repellent to use around your pets and livestock.  You won’t be worried if your chickens knock a pouch down and eat the contents.  It may taste a little funny to them, but Fresh Cab is not made with any harmful chemicals, so they should be okay.

Learn more about Mice in Chicken Coops here:



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    • Lisa, We’re sorry to hear about your troubles finding Fresh Cab. We are working to restore supplies of Fresh Cab in stores and in our own stock. In the meantime, we’ve released a new product called Stay Away Mice, designed to keep mice out of households and other living spaces. Stores have just begun receiving their first shipments, but you may find it easiest to order it directly from us. Please don’t hesitate to call (800) 583-2921 for assistance. Thanks for commenting!

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