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Should I Use Mouse Traps in My Home?

If you have mice in your home, your first reaction might be to go out and buy mouse traps to end the problem. Mouse traps are a common mouse control method, but should you use them?

Health Risks of Mouse Traps

One of the problems with a mouse trap is that you will probably actually catch and kill a mouse. Then you have to dispose of the mouse. This is never a pleasant task, and is one that can be risky to your health. Mice carry parasites and various diseases. Some diseases carried by mice, such as Hantavirus, can be fatal.

Glue traps only catch mice. You will need to be the one to kill the mice that are caught. Another alternative is to take the mice far away from your home and let them go. Either way, you’ll be handling the mice, and there is a chance that you will contract one of the diseases they are carrying.

Mouse Traps Create Risks for Children and Pets

If you have small children or pets, you need to be cautious about using mouse traps. Children are naturally curious and like to explore, while pets are likely to investigate any new object. There is always the chance that your child or pet will get to the mouse trap before a mouse does, and the trap could injure them.

A Safer and Cleaner Way to Get Rid of Mice

Fresh Cab® Rodent Repellent is the best way to get rid of mice. It is a plant-based rodent repellent that is 98% biodegradable. The Fresh Cab formulation contains balsam fir needle essential oil along with corn cob chips and several other essential oils, including lemon, cedar wood, and lavender.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has tested and approved Fresh Cab®. The EPA labeled Fresh Cab® as  effective when used as directed. Fresh Cab® is the only plant-based rodent repellent to have EPA approval.

Learn more about Fresh Cab here.

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