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Video: How to Get Rid of Mice in RV and Clean Up the Mess

By : Rita Stadler


Get Rid of Mice in Camper

Finding mice in an RV can be a very frustrating experience. Working at EarthKind and knowing that simply putting pouches of Fresh Cab® rodent repellent in the camper will protect it from such damage makes my saga even more frustrating.

After shopping for months for the right deal and right camper for our family I found a 5th wheel about 2 hours away from my home. We made the trip and found the camper in fairly good condition. I did notice it was freshly cleaned and there was an abundance of new dryer sheets spread throughout the camper.

Knowing this camper had spent the winter in a building on a farm and knowing what I do about mice, I figured there was a good chance mice had been here before.

Clue #1: The counters were just freshly scrubbed and actually still wet when we looked at the camper.

Clue #2: The 100’s of fresh dryer sheets spread everywhere.

Many people think dryer sheets will repel mice; it has been my experience that they simply make great nesting material and are not a deterrent at all.

So even with those two big clues, we purchased the camper. We had driven quite a ways and the rest of the camper looked great. Upon returning home I was so excited to start decorating, buying rugs and bedding and replacing the flooring. I even picked up fabric to make new curtains and really make it our own. After just one day of it sitting in the driveway I opening the camper door with such excitement to start decorating….then I saw them…HUNDREDS of rodent droppings on the counters and in the cabinets!

After running out and forbidding anyone from going into what I now referred to as the “danger zone”, I set my plan in motion. Although I was totally grossed out and wanted to return my new weekend home, I knew I could solve this problem. Also, being the Digital Marketing Specialist for a company that makes Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent I also knew that I could make my painful story into great content for work.

So I grabbed a camera and made a video of the process. I hope this video helps those who tragically find themselves in the same position I was in and also serves as a reminder to the importance of protecting campers from rodent damage.

3 Steps to Get Rid of Rodents in Your RV:

Step 1: Place Fresh Cab pouches throughout the camper to drive them out!  Click here for complete instructions.
Step 2: Clean Up (the most unpleasant and hardest step). Follow the CDC guidelines for cleaning up after rodents: wear rubber gloves, a mask, spray with bleach water, etc. You cannot be too careful during this step, hanta virus is deadly.
Step 3: Continue protecting the camper with Fresh Cab and enjoy your rodent-free vacation home on wheels!

Watch my video saga/diary/how-to here:


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      Our products are made with plant fiber and essential oils. There are no harmful chemicals that would endanger pets. Some pets are sensitive to strong scents, so please keep an eye on your pet; if you notice any changes in behavior, keep the pouch in a place separate from your animals. Thanks for reading!

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