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9 Women Kept A Very Kind Secret For Decades. #BeKind

Over the last few weeks, as we spread the word about EarthKind’s #BeKind campaign, we’ve been keeping our eyes open for people around the country that are doing extraordinary things. The 9 Nanas touched our hearts and we couldn’t wait to share their story with you. We’re inspired by their kindness and we hope that their good deeds will inspire each of you to think about what you can do to #BeKind in your own community. We’d love to help you grow your ideas, so once you’ve read this beautiful story, please come on over to our Facebook page and tell us some of your thoughts. We’ll be contributing to a few of our favorite ideas and helping you make kindness grow.

Originally published on June 20th, 2012 by The Huffington Post

It Ain’t Over: The Business 9 Women Kept A Secret For Three Decades

By Lori Weiss

Somewhere in West Tennessee, not far from Graceland, nine women — or “The 9 Nanas,” as they prefer to be called — gather in the darkness of night. At 4am they begin their daily routine — a ritual that no one, not even their husbands, knew about for 30 years. They have one mission and one mission only: to create happiness. And it all begins with baked goods.The Nine Nanas

“One of us starts sifting the flour and another washing the eggs,” explained Nana Mary Ellen, the appointed spokesperson for their secret society. “And someone else makes sure the pans are all ready. We switch off, depending on what we feel like doing that day.“But you make sure to say Nana Pearl is in charge, because she’s the oldest!” she added with a wink and a smile.

The Nine NanasOver the next three hours, The 9 Nanas (who all consider themselves sisters, despite what some of their birth certificates say) will whip up hundreds of pound cakes, as part of a grand scheme to help those in need. And then, before anyone gets as much as a glimpse of them, they’ll disappear back into their daily lives. The only hint that may remain is the heavenly scent of vanilla, lemon and lime, lingering in the air.

Even the UPS driver, who picks up hundreds of packages at a time, has no clue what these women, who range in age from 54 to 72, are doing. He’s just happy to get a hug and a bag filled with special treats. What he doesn’t know is that he’s part of their master plan…

The Nine Nanas

You can continue reading about the 9 Nanas on The Huffington Post and then be sure to return to earthkind®’s Facebook page and tell us how you’d like to spread a little kindness in your community.

Don’t forget — we’ll be contributing to a few of our favorites ideas — so that we can help kindness grow around the country! Be sure to post your ideas by Sunday, June 7th 2016 at Midnight PST.  

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