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A Visitor in the Office

Catharine Cody


All interns working at Peppercomm sit together in a row of desks on the fifth floor, dubbed “Intern Row.” As interns, it’s your privilege and obligation to be out front and still maintain Peppercomm’s class and dignity. All of our conversations could be overheard, and we didn’t have the “privacy” one feels when working in an actual cubicle. As a result, we had to be mindful of our volume level, especially when others were speaking to clients.

One fateful day, I was moderating one of my very first interviews with a client and a reporter from The International Business Times. Halfway through the call, another intern SCREAMED, jumped up on her desk, and shouted, “MOUSE MOUSE MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!”  Her screams were heard throughout the entire office.  I gestured emphatically that I was on a client call but then saw that the little rodent really WAS running amuck in our space.

Needless to say, I jumped up onto my chair so my feet wouldn’t touch the ground and stayed that way for the rest of the day.  But why write this story when I can simply SHOW this story:

This picture was taken by another intern. Jackie, the girl who first saw the mouse, is in the foreground, and I’m the one further back. As you can see, Jackie’s screams brought our colleague, Alex, out to investigate.

Thankfully, my end of the call was muted, so the reporter and client continued their conversation as if nothing happened. We never found the mouse, but we moved our purses and belongings off the floor and kept them on our desks the rest of our internship.

Catharine Cody is a Junior Account Executive for Peppercomm, a strategic communications and marketing firm, in New York City.

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