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Spiders taking up shelter in your closet?

Imagine opening up the door of your closet to grab that pretty blouse you’ve been wanting to wear, waiting for the perfect occasion. You spot it on a back hanger and reach out your hand to grab it. Your hand is just an inch away before you see that frightening sight — a spider just chilling on your favorite shirt.

That is exactly what happened to my friend, who just a week before that discovered a spider crawling down her arm sleeve (under the sleeve, I might add) making her late for work! As if that didn’t make her crazy, the second occasion surely did. That is when she came to me. I reassured her that many people have experienced some of the same things she is going through. I decided to share some of my own research with anyone else who may be as freaked out as my dear friend is, and let you know exactly what I told her.

How to get rid of spiders naturally

Why are you finding spiders in your closet?

  • They may have been brought in through an article of clothing or something else, like a box, that is stored in the closet. Spiders attach themselves to items and are transported without us even realizing it. They attach themselves from literally anywhere you and they meet…a chair, a vehicle, a tree, etc.
  • A spider’s prime living conditions may be in abundance in your closet. Spiders prefer dark and quiet environments to make their webs and catch their prey. Having a clean closet, that isn’t drafty, and is frequently inspected will significantly reduce your chances of getting spiders.
  • Your closet may be catering to their taste buds. If your closet is home to a plethora of barely visible insects, harboring in stacked shoe boxes, you are inviting spiders in. Keeping a tidy and clean closet will help your chances of having a spider free environment.

Any or all of these reasons could contribute to you finding spiders in your closet, but not everybody is fond of finding them in their clothes. Whatever the reason for these creepy crawlers sharing your shirt sleeve, rest assured that there is an easy way to get rid of spiders.

What can you do to keep spiders out?

If you are anything like me, you enjoy taking care of your family’s health more than figuring out how to solve spider problems. What if I told you that there is a way to rid your closet and clothing of spiders that won’t adversely affect the health of your family? How about being able to prevent the infestation after eliminating the spiders? There’s no mess, no harmful chemicals and it’s guaranteed to work!

All Natural Stay Away® Spiders could not have been invented at a better time in the lives of my family. My boys are at the age where they are curious to touch any and all insects they cross paths with. My mom brain gets the best of me and lets them know just how unsafe that is. I know, I know, they are boys after all. But, as long as they are under my roof, they will be under this natural mommas protection!

Just by placing a couple pouches on either side of their closet I can be confident that any spider that was living in there is gone and any potential visitor will not stay for long!