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Top 3 FRESH CAB Rodent Repellent Customer Complaints



Fresh Cab has been on the market since 2007. Within that time, over 4 million pouches have been sold, and thousands of people have become loyal, satisfied customers. Less than 1% of customers ask for a refund, even though the company offers a 100% money back guarantee.  During those rare times that Fresh Cab isn’t working, here are the 3 most common complaints:

1.  “I’m still seeing droppings near the Fresh Cab pouches.”

Existing mice will often re-enter a treated area a few times before they learn that the area is no longer tolerable.  New mice may enter a treated area momentarily since they can’t smell the repellent until they are in the treated area. Rodents do not have control of their bowels or bladder. Although you may occasionally see droppings, it is unlikely that you will see gnawing or signs of nesting.

2.  “I caught a mouse in a trap right next to the Fresh Cab pouch!”

Rodents are man’s top competitor for food on the planet. Hunger is a bigger driving force for rodents than their personal comfort or safety. They will attempt to take food from baited traps but will not remain in treated areas to nest. We advise homeowners to do what our pest control professionals do: use Fresh Cab in areas that mice are naturally attracted to for nesting, and storing food (non-living areas like attics, crawl spaces, under the sinks, etc…).  Fresh Cab will chase them out to an area where they can be trapped with a baited trap; usually these are runways leading in or out of the property. Mice use the same trails each time, but they are naturally built for survival and learn fast, so it takes some experience & skill to catch them in a trap as any professional will tell you.

3.  “Fresh Cab is not working, I still have mice!”

Almost weekly, a customer will call with this complaint because they have not removed the plastic overwrap on a Fresh Cab pouch. The overwrap seals in freshness, but if not removed, that same freshness won’t be able to repel the rodents. This is an easy mistake to make, since many consumers are used to products designed to kill, and most poisons come in little paper pouches that don’t need to be opened because the mice tear into them to eat the poison, disguised as food.

Take comfort knowing that wild house mice are the most difficult household pest to control.  EarthKind exists to serve the rodent challenged population and will help in any way we can.

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