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Will Mothballs Keep Mice Away? Discover the Truth

Getting rid of mice is an age-old problem. Some of the alternative methods we have reviewed on this blog include essential oils (like peppermint oil), pesticides, ultrasonic deterrents, glue boards, and mouse traps. However, one solution homeowners seem to often come back to is using mothballs for mouse control. 

But, is this DIY tactic effective for ridding your home or farm of mice?

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Are Mothballs Effective as a Mouse Repellant?

The two main reasons people use mothballs to address a mouse problem are because they’re cost-effective and non-lethal to rodents.  You can purchase mothballs in most stores and since they are inexpensive, all you need to do is scatter them around the infested area where you’ve noticed droppings or mouse activity. 

However, mothballs contain a harmful chemical known as naphthalene. The CDC has studied naphthalene and linked it to a number of illnesses when inhaled by humans. The amount of naphthalene present in mothballs could be dangerous. There are other, more effective scent deterrents that are safe for your family. 

Problems with Mothballs

Even though the use of mothballs as a mouse repellant may seem easy and inexpensive, there are drawbacks to this method of rodent control.

  • If you have small children or house pets, the mothballs can pose a danger to them. Children and house pets are curious. Ingesting naphthalene can cause a whole host of problems including headaches, nausea, vomiting, and other issues.
  • If you notice an infestation in an outdoor area, the mothballs will dissolve in the rain or be blown away by gusty winds which can affect other animals living outside.
  • Mothballs are not a proven method of getting rid of mice.

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Is there an effective and safe way to get rid of mice? Fresh Cab® and Stay Away® Rodent are botanical rodent repellents that use plant-based ingredients to create a scent that will keep mice away and prevent them from returning. The ingredients in these pouches are harmless to humans and animals (when used as directed), so you won’t need to worry about children, pets, farm animals, or wildlife coming in contact with the product.

EarthKind’s rodent repellents are made from botanical oils and plant fibers. The unique balsam fir scent is a nice aroma to humans but will repel mice from the area. If you would like to try out the product for yourself, shop online for Fresh Cab® or find the retailer nearest you that carries EarthKind products.