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Will Mothballs Rid Your Home of Mice? Discover the Truth

By : Rita Stadler

Getting rid of mice is an age-old problem. Some of the alternatives include rodent poisons, glue boards and mouse traps. One solution people select is mothballs for mice control. But, is this an effective method for ridding your home or farm of mice?

Mothballs as a Mouse Repellant

Two of the advantages of using mothballs as a mouse repellant is their availability and ease of use. You can purchase mothballs in most variety stores. They are inexpensive and all you need to do is scatter them around the infested area. If you need to use more, you simply put some more down in the area. It is also easy to place mothballs in hard to reach areas.

Problems with Mothballs

Even though using mothballs as a mouse repellant is easy and inexpensive, there are some drawbacks to this method of mouse and rodent control.

  • If you have small children or house pets, the mothballs can pose a danger to them. Children and house pets are curious, and a small, white mothball will be sure to draw their attention.
  • If your mouse or other rodent problem is in an outdoor area, the mothballs will dissolve in the rain or are blown away by gusty winds.
  • Mothballs are not a proven method of getting rid of mice.


Discover a Guaranteed Solution for Getting Rid of Rodents

Is There an effective and safe way to get rid of mice? Fresh Cab® is a “green technology” method of getting rid of mice. The ingredients in Fresh Cab are harmless to humans and animals, so you won’t need to worry about children, pets, farm animals or wildlife coming in contact with the product.

Fresh Cab is made from herbal extracts, plants and corn cob chips. The unique Fresh Cab balsam fir scent is a nice aroma to humans, but rodents find it irritating and leave the area.

Can I Trust This Product?

The best way to determine whether a product is reliable is by looking at how customers respond to it. Ninety percent of our customers order Fresh Cab again because they are so pleased with the results.

EarthKind, the maker of Fresh Cab, has used several independent testing facilities to prove the effectiveness of Fresh Cab. All third-party testing has proven that Fresh Cab gets rid of mice and other rodents. Fresh Cab is registered with the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for indoor use, and it has won the Green Seal of Approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Fresh Cab is Guaranteed

Fresh Cab is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction.

Read our Get Rid of Mice Guarantee

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