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Bugged by pests? You are not alone! Most households and businesses face common pest problems.

We’ve made it our mission to provide naturally effective solutions, tips, and information so that we can all have freedom from pests and damage while preserving nature’s delicate ecosystem. Read the latest here.

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Our Blogs

Mouse “Presents” and Other Cat Behaviors Explained

March 27, 2015 5 minute read

Have you ever found yourself browsing the internet for hours? When losing yourself in cyberspace you might have noticed that people are crazy about cats! Seriously! The week starts with Meow Monday, building up to Caturday – yes, Cat Saturday, and even Conscious Cat Sunday. Follow @RealGrumpyCat on Twitter, waste countless hours on, or post […]

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Protect Seasonal Clothes and Equipment from Mice and Rats

March 13, 2015 3 minute read

When you protect your seasonal possessions from the elements, make sure to protect them from rodent damage, too. In most of the country, people own clothing and equipment that’s used during some parts of the year and stored during others. In the winter, garden equipment, outside furniture, and boats are in storage. In the spring and […]

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