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Bugged by pests? You are not alone! Most households and businesses face common pest problems.

We’ve made it our mission to provide naturally effective solutions, tips, and information so that we can all have freedom from pests and damage while preserving nature’s delicate ecosystem. Read the latest here.

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Our Pest Identification & Information

tick on grass

Guide to Different Tick Species

August 23, 2022 6 minute read

Spending time outdoors offers numerous benefits for the mind, body, and community. From reducing stress to increasing focus to improving your attitude toward your neighbors, countless studies have proven the positive effects of time spent in nature. However, there are a few safety tips to remember when you’re going outside, and it is always important […]

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What Do Ants Eat Outside & In Your Home?

July 25, 2022 7 minute read

Finding ants in the kitchen is super annoying, but not too surprising. It happens so frequently that many people use the term “kitchen ants” or “sugar ants” to refer to these household pests. Those names may be commonplace, but they are not scientifically accurate. Technically speaking, there are many different kinds in the world. When […]

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Pantry Bugs Guide: Different Types & How To Remove

March 22, 2022 7 minute read

Have creepy-crawly bugs taken over your kitchen? Nothing makes meal prep a dreaded task quite like finding insects in your dry goods or making themselves at home in your pantry. Known as pantry bugs, these pests are best dealt with proactively — after all, many are known to multiply quickly. In this guide, we’ll help […]

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